Plant For Hire


We offer the following range of equipment for hire on self drive or driver provided rates.


Any enquiries should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or,

you are welcome to call John direct on 0450 609 719

HIRE PLANT LIST                                   


Loaders 1 16 and 24 tonne

Excavator - 5 and 40 tonne

Articulated dump truck - 4 tonne to 40 tonne

Rollers - Pad food and smooth - 2 tonne to 12 tonne

Truck and Dog trailers x 8

Hi Rail Dumper

Hi Rail Rollers

Hi Rail Excavator

Water carts 8500L  and 14000L

Dozers D5 to D11


Semi Trailers x 6

Exten - trailers x 4

Low Loader x 4



lights set x 6

Site Sheds x 5

Cool room

Toilets x 6