"We have the plant & equipment to do your work"  John Parsons

This brief list of plant and equipment is indicative of the commitment we have to enable us to be capable of handling any project on offer.

Whilst it is up to date at the time of publication, we are constantly adding more plant and equipment as demand grows for our services.

Additionally, we are focussed on keeping up with the latest technology to enable us to always complete our projects to the optimum result.



In the event a project is on offer that requires item or items of plant and/or machinery that we do not currently have in our livery, we have the willingness and resources to either secure or purchase the appropriate items dependant upon the project detail.


CONDENSED OPERATING PLANT LIST                                   


Loaders 1 16 and 24 tonne

Excavator - 5 and 40 tonne

Articulated dump truck - 4 tonne to 40 tonne

Rollers - Pad food and smooth - 2 tonne to 12 tonne

Truck and Dog trailers x 8

Hi Rail Dumper

Hi Rail Rollers

Hi Rail Excavator

Water carts 8500L  and 14000L

Dozers D5 to D11


Semi Trailers x 6

Exten - trailers x 4

Low Loader x 4



lights set x 6

Site Sheds x 5

Cool room

Toilets x 6